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James C. Bailey Center

James C. Bailey Center Lobby - 1st Floor
James C. Bailey Center Auditorium - 1st Floor
ATLAS Center - 4th Floor
ACTION Center for Advising - 8th Floor
James C. Bailey Center - Roof View

The 12-story James C. Bailey Center is one of the most widely recognized and visited buildings on campus. Many of the college's administrative offices are found here, including the President's Office, Vice Presidents' and Deans' offices, and Human Resources. It is also one of the first stops for students whether they are first visiting campus or enrolling in college courses. The admissions and financial aid offices are located on the ground floor. The campus housing department and cashier's office may be found on the mezzanine level. The ACTION Center for Advising and Testing is located on the eighth floor. The Athens State Universtiy Center occupies the ninth floor. Career Services, Talent Search and the Upward Bound programs may be found on the 10th floor. The 11th floor contains the Student Recruiting and the Wallace State Alumni and Foundation offices. The 12th floor is regularly used for college and community events and provides an excellent view of the campus and surrounding area. Classrooms are scattered throughout the building. The Bailey Center Auditorium, also used for meetings and events, is located on the first floor.