Student Learning Outcomes

Learns Actively

The engaged student participates directly in learning activities.

The learner

  • takes responsibility for his/her own learning
  • uses effective learning strategies
  • reflects on effectiveness of his/her own learning strategies

Thinks Critically

The critical thinker uses reason, ingenuity, and knowledge to examine relevant issues or ideas and solve problems.\

The learner 

  • identifies an issue or idea 
  • explores perspectives relevant to an issue or idea 
  • constructs well reasoned solutions/conclusions 
  • supports conclusions with fact

Communicates Clearly

The effective communicator demonstrates the ability to articulate and exchange ideas using multiple forms of expression.

The learner

  • uses standard English in speaking and writing
  • writes sentences and paragraphs that are sequential and logical
  • conveys a clear, organized purpose in writing
  • reads and comprehends written information
  • engages in an exchange of ideas

Uses Technology Effectively

The 21st century learner accesses and utilizes relative information effectively and responsibly. 

The learner

  • effectively searches for reliable information
  • uses information and technology responsibly
  • utilizes technology to enhance the learning experience
  • uses information and technology related to his/her field of study and utilized in the workplace

Interacts in Diverse Environments

The responsible citizen develops awareness of the diversity of human experience, understanding and responding to interpersonal, historical, cultural and global contexts.

The learner

  • demonstrates cultural competence 
  • collaborates with others in a variety of situations 
  • acts with respect for others