Design your Grad Week templates!
Parents and spring graduates, share your graduation pictures using these template designs.

Use Canva to design your photo with one of our filters! 

 How to upload photos to the Canva Template:

  1. Open the template link above.
  2. Click on the "Edit Design" button when you hover over it.
  3. Create a free Canva account
  4. Open the Uploads tab in the left side editor side panel.
  5. Click Upload an image or video.
  6. Choose the photo file you want to upload, and click Open.
  7. Wait for the upload to finish then click to add them to the template design.
  8. Drag the photo to the center square and expand the photo to fit the borders of the  square.
  9. Drag the photo filter you wish to use and position it over your photo.
  10. Once you’ve finished adding your photo to the template, click Download.
  11. After downloading the graphic, please share on your personal social media pages and use the hashtags   #WallaceStateGrad #WSCCClassof2022 #wscc2022celebrationdrivethru #celebratewithwscc. If posting on IG, please also tag @wallacestate.
  12. Delete the photo you uploaded to the frame ONLY. Do not delete the entire graphic.
  13. If you are having trouble uploading and saving the photo to Canva, please send an email with the photo, name and major of the student to communications@wallacestate.edu for assistance.