Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the Tutorial Lab?  All currently enrolled Wallace State students are encouraged to use any of the lab’s services.

Do I have to make an appointment?  No appointment is necessary. However, if you wish to make an appointment with a specific tutor, you may use our online program Upswing to schedule both in-person and online appointments. You may also call the front desk, 256.352.7821, to check a tutor’s availability.

How much does it cost?  The Tutorial Lab is a free service for all enrolled Wallace State students.

How can the Tutorial Lab help me?  The tutorial lab uses a student-centered approach to tutoring, allowing the student to guide the tutoring session. We can help with any kind of academic subject in any part of the learning process. For example, we can help you brainstorm or revise your papers, study for exams, practice problems, review homework and assignments, and much more.

How often can I visit the Tutorial Lab?  You may visit as much as you want and stay as long as you want.

What can I expect during a tutoring session?  Your tutor will always begin by asking what you need and then work from there. Our sessions are friendly and student-led.

What should I bring to the Tutorial Lab?   You may bring your assignment sheets, notes, textbook, current work, or anything else that will help you during the tutoring session. You may bring items on your personal device or in print. We also have computers you may access.

Do you offer online tutoring?  Yes. We currently offer online tutoring through the platform Upswing. For more information on how to access online tutoring, view the link “How to Use the Tutoring Lab.”

What are peer tutors?  Peer tutors are students just like you! The majority of our peer tutors are current Wallace State students who have successfully completed at least one semester of college. We also have tutors who have graduated from Wallace and are currently completing their Bachelor’s degrees at universities, including Athens State, UAB, and UAH.