Brand Standards:  Editorial Style, Typography, Logos, Seals, Design Templates, Official Colors

Editorial Style

AP Style

The Wallace State Communications and Marketing Department uses The Associated Press Stylebook as a guide for all copy the office produces, including journalistic and marketing pieces. AP Style is the standard for college and university marketing departments across the nation. Exceptions to AP Style may be made for cases unique to Wallace State, for lexicon particular to higher education, and in other instances deemed necessary for context or clarity. Please note the latest edition of the AP Stylebook is available by subscription online. Copies are also available for reference in the Marketing Department. Alternate editorial styles, such as The Chicago Manual of Style, MLA, APA, etc., may be used when submissions are made to outside publications with specific style requirements. For guidance, please contact a Marketing staff member.  

Graphic Standards


Wallace State's official colors, logos and seals are included below. These designs should not be altered in any way without approval by the Marketing Department. When inserting these and other images into a document, resizing should only be done proportionally so that stretching and distortion does not occur. Designs may be watermarked. For guidance, please contact a member of the Marketing Department. 

If you need a logo designed for a specific purpose, please submit a marketing request.  We are happy to assist with your design needs.



The importance of typography in visual communications cannot be overstated. Consistent typography creates continuity in communications and contributes to overall college branding.  

Avenir (meaning "future" in French) is the college's primary font used in current advertising campaigns and other promotional materials, with Arno Pro frequently used for subheadings, However, other fonts are used in designs for impact, practicality or to create a specific effect.  

In general correspondence as well as in reports and other official documents and communications, Helvetica or Arial are preferred and may be used interchangeably, with Helvetica being more frequently found on Mac computers and Arial more common on Windows-based PCs.

College Email Signature

Email signature Download the template.

Design Templates

View and download Wallace State Design Templates for PowerPoint, letterhead, envelops, etc.

Official Colors, Logos, and Seals

Submit a request for permission to use WSCC logos, seals and other images to

College Colors

OrangePrimary BlueSecondary Blue

PMS 158;
C0 M61 Y98 K0;
R246 G128 B38;

Blue (Primary):

PMS 294; 
C100 M90 Y30 K20;
R0 G47 B108;

Blue (Secondary):

PMS 300C;
C99 M74 Y12 K1;
R0 G84 B151;

Example Filename Size Dimensions
  BW seal WS_BWSEAL_300.png (transparency) 
WS_BWSEAL_800.png (transparency)
WS_BWSEAL_1752.png (transparency) 
45 KB
141 KB
225 KB
300 x 300 pixels
800 x 800 
1752 x 1752
WS_SEAL_BW.eps 5.4MB  
  Seal   WS_SEAL_300.png (transparency) 
WS_SEAL_800.png (transparency)
WS_SEAL_1752.png (transparency) 

74 KB
230 KB
357 KB
300 x 300 pixels
600 x 600 
1752 x 1752
WS_SEAL.eps   5.4 MB  

WSCC logo and text stack

WS Lion and Text Stack PNG
WS Lion and Text Stack EPS
268 KB
3 MB
963 x 915 pixels


WS Hanceville Oneonta Black PNG
WS Hanceville Oneonta White PNG
WS Hanceville Oneonta Blue PNG
WS Hanceville Oneonta EPS
7 KB
7 KB
7 KB
1.8 MB
486 x 63 pixels
486 x 63 pixels
486 x 63 pixels

WS Shield

WS Shield Logo PNG
WS Shield Logo PDF
164 KB
455 KB
900 x 913 pixels

 WS Logo
(for use only by WSCC Athletics)

WS Athletics Logo Blue PNG (transparency)
WS Athletics Logo Orange PNG (transparency)
430 KB
431 KB
2500 x 2500 pixels
2500 x 2500 pixels
Lion    WSCC Lion Text PNG
WSCC Lion Text EPS
164 KB
1.8 MB
2873 x 1586 pixels




WSCC Lion PNG 37 KB 328 x 394 pixels

Lion Head logos EPS

WSCC Lion EPS with white outline 2.3MB scalable



NOTE: The lion shown above is the primary lion used for college marketing.  Our standing heraldic lion, depicted in profile, and the head detail of this lion, remains in use in certain circumstances, such as in the WSCC Police logo and on campus signage. For questions about appropriate use of the heraldic lion, or for access to that image, please contact the Marketing Department. All earlier lion depictions should be updated.