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Personal Enrichment

As a community college, Wallace State offers programs that provide enrichment and sustain holistically members of our community. Personal Enrichment programs teach individuals skills to help them develop new hobbies and create engagement among those interested in a similar focus. Additionally, personal enrichment provides programming for young and older adults in topics ranging from cake decorating to photography essentials.

Course Options

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Refresh Your Choreography
This class will aide dance teachers and students in cultivating their creative voice. The class begins with a short warm-up and then shifts into learning fundamental choreographic skills, including how to translate stories and language into movement. This class will help to take dance routines and performance pieces to the next level.

Time: On Demand
Tuition: $20

Getting Pointe Shoe Ready
This class will take the mystery out of assessing students for Pointe shoe readiness. WSCC instructor Brooke Desnoes and a student demonstrator will take participants through a check list of exercises to be aimed at assessing individual readiness to meet the physical demands of Pointe training.

Time: On Demand
Tuition: $20

Dance Pedagogy--Creative Teaching
The goal of this class is to give participants a fresh look at exercises that are commonly taught during every ballet class. Making the ordinary exciting, keeping student interested, and increase learning retention rate are all results of creative teaching principals.

Time: On Demand
Tuition: $20

Ballet Classes for Young Dancers
Based on the idea that a strong technical base will provide the foundation for future advanced study, this class will highlight the hallmarks of traditional classical ballet training for young dancers. Exercises will be taught alongside strength training exercises to aide student and teacher in building correct muscle memories.

Time: On Demand
Tuition: $20

Allegro Exercises for Intermediate Students
Keeping allegro exercises fresh and interesting is always a challenge for dance teachers. This class will give participants insight into training exercises at the barre and in the center to build exciting and fun allegro combination for the intermediate dancer.

Time: On Demand
Tuition: $20

Online Ballet, Pointe and Jazz/Modern
Wallace State Community College is now offering Ballet, Pointe and Jazz/Modern classes to intermediate and advanced dancers. WSCC’s goal is to produce technically strong and artistically expressive dancers who are sought after for their professionalism and ability to easily adapt to the broad range of styles demanded of today’s dance professionals. This program develops skills needed to pursue industry career options or further education at college or university level.

Time: Classes meet twice a week. Classes are 1.5 hours and last 12 weeks
Tuition: $125-$150

* Students who participate in Dance for Home Schoolers are not responsible for academic work related to dance classes, these students participate solely in movement-based exercises and therefore do not receive college credits for classes they attend.

Allegro Dance Theatre
Selected student may also be asked to participate as Apprentice to Allegro Dance Theatre, the WSCC Dance Company. Admission to the WSCC Dance Program and Allegro Dance Theatre is based on a scheduled audition.

Time: Classes meet twice a week. Classes are 1.25 hours and last 12 weeks
Tuition: $150

Weight Training Basics
Exercise has long been recognized as key to your health and wellbeing. The benefits of weightlifting include increased bone density and muscular strength. Muscle-strengthening activities can also help maintain muscle mass, which is especially important when you are on a weight-loss program and as you get older.

Time: Wellness Center Hours
Tuition: $50 (Community); $34 (50 &Over);  0$ (Student & Employee)

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WaLLi (Wallace State Lifelong Learning Institute)
For seniors 50 and older. WaLLi is an opportunty for seniors to engage in learning new skills, take part in social activities and exercise, participate in cultural enrichment and day trips. This popular program has something to meet most every interest.  Click here to learn more.